Celine Dion, CRUDE DIAGNOSIS. What is muscle degeneration, the disease for which there is NO treatment. The star has reached 40 kilograms

Celine Dion, CRUDE DIAGNOSIS. What is muscle degeneration, the disease for which there is NO treatment. The star has reached 40 kilograms
Celine Dion, CRUDE DIAGNOSIS. What is muscle degeneration, the disease for which there is NO treatment. The star has reached 40 kilograms

Celine Dion has serious health problems, and the news was given by her team.

Recently, due to her problems, the singer announced that she has to cancel all her upcoming concerts in Las Vegas. The symptoms she faces prevent her from taking part in rehearsals, so for the time being she will not be able to support her performances.

“Céline is experiencing persistent and severe muscle spasms that prevent her from performing. Her medical team continues to monitor and treat her. The symptoms she is experiencing prevent her from participating in rehearsals for the new show,” Celine Dion’s team said. .

A relative of the artist, I announce harshly

After the artist’s sister denied her health problems, another relative made harsh statements.

“She can’t walk. She has pain in her legs and feet that paralyzes her. She is very weak and has lost a lot of weight. A disease that could require a long convalescence, if things do not improve, it may be necessary to stop for a few months, or even a year. Because her symptoms are more worrying than expected, “one of the artist’s family members recently told Here magazine.

Claudette Dion, Celine Dion’s sister, tried to reassure fans after they wondered if they would ever see her on stage again, which is why she revealed that the artist had moved into a new house in the western part of Las Vegas.

“She lives in a new house that was built for her. Celine wants to be as close as possible to the places where her boy’s activities take place. The house is very close to good private schools, which she looked for for her little boys. said Claudette Dione.

Celine Dion, DIAGNOSIS. How he weighed only 40 kilograms

The famous singer Céline Dion weighed only 40 kilograms. The 50-year-old star has come to look worried and there are great fears about her health.

The artist suffers from muscle degeneration, a rare hereditary condition, characterized by progressive damage to the muscles of the body. She is paralyzed by crises of pain and tetany (no syndrome characterized by muscle contraction and stiffening of the limbs), she loses weight seeing with her eyes.

What is muscle degeneration

Of genetic origin, this condition can occur at any time of life, in childhood or much later. In general, the disease is characterized by progressive difficulty and then the total absence of spontaneous movements of the muscles of the legs and arms, which inevitably leads to inability to move.

There are over 150 types of degenerative muscle diseases that have different functions; however, almost all start with the same mild symptoms, which, if not detected, worsen over time, writes sympa-com.

Muscle degeneration can occur at any age. It is characterized by progressive weakness of the body muscles. They atrophy little by little, thus losing their volume and strength … The affected person then loses his ability to perform movements, then to move.

Other muscles, such as the heart, can be affected, resulting in heart or respiratory complications. Eye disorders such as cataracts occur in the elderly.

These conditions are rare. Some studies estimate that about 1 in 3,500 people have them, but they can affect anyone and occur at any age. They are genetic diseases, ie they are caused by an abnormality or a mutation, by a gene necessary for the proper functioning of muscles and their development. When this gene is moved, the muscles can no longer contract normally, lose their vigor and degenerate.

The condition is spread recessively, when both parents are carriers of the abnormal gene, but the disease does not manifest in them. When the child inherits both the abnormal gene from his father and his mother, he develops the disease. It seems that Celine Dion’s mother also suffered from such a disease that made her lose her sight.

In the absence of possible remedies for muscle degeneration, it is possible to alleviate symptoms and improve the quality of life of patients through various methods. When it occurs in adulthood, this condition can, in a few years, even ten years, bring the person to a total physical dependence. Despite all possible therapies capable of relieving the discomfort, nothing can regenerate a muscle once the disease has caused the degeneration of the neurons that control it. Also, an elderly victim of muscle degeneration will constantly need help and assistance in all the gestures of daily life.

There is currently no effective treatment for this disease.

Celine Dion, the gesture that worried everyone

In addition to the statement given by her relatives, fans noticed another detail that worried them.

Fans of the famous artist began to question themselves, after noticing that she had lost a lot of weight and thought directly that she would suffer from an incurable disease.

Moreover, the international press even wrote that Celine Dion became “skin and bone”. Following the statement sent by the singer’s relatives, the fans were even more scared and claim that her condition is, in fact, much worse.

Another detail that raised questions was the one in which Celine Dion missed the birthday message of her two children, which she posted every year.

On October 22, Nelson and Eddy, Celine Dion’s twins, turned 11 years old. Usually, every year, on this occasion, the artist posts a new photo with them. This year, however, she did not publish anything.

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