Hamburg. At the Christmas market, a fence separating the vaccinated and unvaccinated

Hamburg. At the Christmas market, a fence separating the vaccinated and unvaccinated
Hamburg. At the Christmas market, a fence separating the vaccinated and unvaccinated

The residents of Hamburg – after a one-year break due to the coronavirus pandemic – will be able to do Christmas shopping at the Christmas market on Rathausplatz. Its construction started on Monday. The stands will start on November 22. They will remain open until December 23.

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However, visitors will have to comply with the new rules, as the market area will be divided into two parts. A fence will separate the 2G zone, to which only healed or vaccinated people can enter, from the one available to all comers.

The 2G rule will apply to the food court, where guests can eat and drink mulled wine. Those who have not taken the COVID-19 preparation will be able to shop only in the common area, keeping a distance and wearing a protective mask.

Austria with new regulations

Since Monday, Austria has also been subject to stricter rules related to the pandemic. According to the regulation, unvaccinated people will be “practically excluded from public places”. The regulations were introduced for an indefinite period.

For a month, until December 6, there will be a transitional period during which the missing vaccinations can be made. During this time, PCR tests will be recognized. A special rule applies to people who have been vaccinated with the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine – they must revaccinate by January 2, otherwise they will not be considered vaccinated.

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The 2G rule applies to all people over 15 years of age. The exceptions are people for whom vaccination is not possible for health reasons, as well as children up to 12 years of age. In the case of young people up to 15 years of age, a certificate is taken into account, issued on the basis of tests carried out in schools.

The 2G rule applies in all public places – “to the cinema, theater, concerts, hairdresser, podiatry, fitness studio or sports events, you will only be able to go to vaccinations or recuperate”, calculates the Vienna Online portal. The 2G rule also applies to visits to hospitals and care facilities, as well as to the hotel industry. The exceptions are visits to palliative care and hospices and obstetrics where the FFP2 mask can be worn.

They are valid indefinitely

The validity of the PCR test was determined for 72 hours, for the antigen test – 24 hours. Masks are worn in stores as well as in museums and libraries. It is imperative to use the FFP2 mask, as has been in place for a long time in Vienna. There is no requirement to wear a mask “in 2G environments” such as inns or hotels.

It is not specified how long the new regulations will apply. On the other hand, each facility (hospital, theater, restaurant) has the option of specifying more stringent regulations in its area – e.g. introducing the obligation to wear masks or show an additional test.

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