Nine people died in an armed clash in Iran

Nine people died in an armed clash in Iran
Nine people died in an armed clash in Iran

Six armed criminals were killed and five others were wounded in the fierce fighting, the Guard’s official website, Sepah News, said in a statement on Saturday that the unspecified incident took place in a central part of the province near a village.

The province of Sistan and Balochistan, bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan, is an impoverished region that is a frequent location for attacks and clashes between law enforcement and armed groups. Violence is often linked to smuggling, to separatists belonging to the Baloch minority, or to jihadist groups operating in the area, which Tehran says Pakistan supports.

On November 18 last year, the official Irna news agency reported the deaths of three members of the security forces. Also in Sistan and Balochistan provinces, four members of the Revolutionary Guard lost their lives in a clash in July.

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