The Netherlands. Protest by opponents of the government’s policy against the COVID-19 pandemic

On Friday the mayor Amsterdam Femke Halsema informed that, after consulting the police and the prosecutor’s office, she did not consent to the demonstration opponents vaccinations and the government’s strategy to combat coronawirusem, which was to collect up to 25 thousand. people.

Despite this decision, the main organizer of the protest, Michel Reijinga, urged people to come and drink coffee at the Museumplein. Several thousand people gathered there around noon on Sunday.

After 1 p.m. the mayor issued an order to stop the demonstration and the police forced the participants to leave the square. Reinforced police forces equipped with water cannons appeared on the spot.

The recordings posted on social media by the participants of the march show that there were tensions between the Amsterdam police and the demonstrators. The policemen used not only water cannons to pacify the gathered people, but also rubber truncheons.

In another video, one of the demonstrators was attacked by a police dog.

The protesters moved to the Westerpark area in the western part of Amsterdam. As reported by the daily “Het Parool”, several violent demonstrators have been detained.

The media reported on Friday that officers from the special police unit Mobile Unit (ME) had announced that they would go on strike on Sunday. This could mean that the authorities of the Dutch capital would have a problem securing the demonstration. However, according to the “Algemeen Dagblad” daily, the protest took place, but the officers returned to work at 11.00.



Netherlands Protest opponents governments policy COVID19 pandemic

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