The ConnectPay Racing team, who beat the rivals in the prologue, felt what it was like to drive in the dust

The ConnectPay Racing team, who beat the rivals in the prologue, felt what it was like to drive in the dust
The ConnectPay Racing team, who beat the rivals in the prologue, felt what it was like to drive in the dust

The crew of Vaidotas Paškevičius, Tomas Gužauskas and Slavomir Volkov started the ConnectPay Racing prologue in the 26th position, and they reached the finish by securing the 19th place. The team’s pilot Vaidotas Paškevičius said after the finish that the speed range of the prologue was really short. The team spent less than 16 minutes in it, but managed to see a lot of Dakar reality. The members of the team had to bend their opponents in the dust, and the team also saw their colleagues who had experienced and turned into an accident.

“We had slower trucks in front, so we drove the first one three kilometers later. I had to make the first bend in Dakar. We drove really smoothly later. What ten kilometers we had no rivals against ourselves. But at the thirteenth kilometer we crashed one truck. Although we approached him in a good place, we did not manage to overtake him immediately. After descending from the high, 300-meter-long dune, a narrow passage awaited, which was already very dusty. We drove a couple of miles after him. It’s a little ruined our pace, but it doesn’t really turn our heads. Dakar is still very long, and our goal is to finish.

Today we felt what it was like to drive in the dust, and three kilometers before the finish we saw the Iveco of our teammate Alberto Lovera lying on his side. As we passed through them, we stopped, but we saw that they show their thumbs up, that everything is fine and did not stop us, ”said Vaidotas Paškevičius.

The ConnectPay Racing team says the whole trio is happy with both the pace, the result and the truck. While the entire crew has extensive experience in off-road racing in Rally Raid, the physics of driving the Dakar truck are a little different. For this reason, the prologue was driven with some caution.

“Teamwork went smoothly. Our Mamba also worked great. I myself may still need to get used to the behavior of the truck in the dunes. The visibility when sitting high is really good, just a slightly strange feeling turning through the ridge of the dune. Still, it sits not off-road near the ground, but at a height of two meters. It is a strange and unusual feeling, “said Vaidotas Paškevičius.

After the prologue, another 600 kilometers will travel to the city of Hail, where the opening ceremony of the race will take place, crossing the podium. The first speed section of Dakar will offer participants 334 combat kilometers. Although the start time for the ConnectPay Racing team is not yet known, the team will post this information on their Facebook page. In the truck class, 55 teams will compete in this year’s Dakar Rally.

VIDEO: Impressions of Vaidotas Paškevičius after the prologue

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ConnectPay Racing team beat rivals prologue felt drive dust

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