Everything must be done to avoid a lockdown in France

Everything must be done to avoid a lockdown in France
Everything must be done to avoid a lockdown in France

Macron said he would continue to serve France in “whatever role” and the Reuters Agency noted that he had not declared whether he would run in next year’s presidential election.

However, according to the agency, Macron’s staff has already started preparations for the election campaign.

France will cope with the pandemic if people behave responsibly. Everything must be done to avoid another lockdown – announced the president.

He emphasized that despite the coronavirus, France managed to introduce reforms that had been planned for several decades, such as social security reform or raising the salaries of the lowest-paid officials. He added that other important changes will be implemented soon.

A record number of infections was detected in France on Friday – 232,200. The sum of infections for the third consecutive day exceeds 200,000.

Macron gave much attention to the pandemic in his speech and called again on the French to vaccinate against Covid-19, but did not announce new restrictions because, as he put it, the government does not want to restrict citizens’ freedoms again.

The worst numbers in Europe

The number of new infections in France is also the highest number of daily infections in Europe since the start of the pandemic.

The seven-day moving average of infections reached 121,566 in France on Thursday – almost four times more than a month ago, and the average death toll is 180. 465 people with coronavirus have been hospitalized in the past 24 hours. At the beginning of December, the total amount of daily infections in the country amounted to less than 50 thousand. – reminds the Reuters Agency.

According to government data, about 77 percent. The French population is now fully vaccinated, significantly reducing hospitalizations and deaths from Covid-19.

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