Hungary is in a vise, the omicron is attacking

Hungary is in a vise, the omicron is attacking
Hungary is in a vise, the omicron is attacking

According to the official data of the Milan Jovanović Batut Institute of Public Health in Serbia, the number of new coronavirus diseases in the country increased by about 20 percent at Christmas and the following day compared to the same period of the previous week, the Free Hungarian Word in Vojvodina reported.

The increase is evidenced by the fact that more people were registered in the country on 25, 26 and 27 December than a week earlier. Epidemiologist Predrag Kon, a member of the Belgrade government’s crisis team, warned of this possibility in time. A faster-spreading omicron strain of the coronavirus was identified on December 23 in Serbia.

Aleksandra Pavlović, director of the clinical center at Dragiša Mišović Hospital in Belgrade, fears that the spread of omicron will put another huge burden on the health system, which is still not in good shape.

In Romania, meanwhile, according to Masol, the Strategic Communications Group (GCS) registered 1,144 people diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 infection and 67 coronavirus deaths earlier this week. Immediately after Christmas, 566 new coronavirus cases were confirmed.

Although slightly less than 7,000 cases were registered in the Czech Republic after Christmas, two thousand less than a week earlier, this may also be due to the fact that far fewer have been tested. Meanwhile, a poll found that 51 percent of Czechs would approve of the introduction of compulsory vaccination for certain age groups and occupations.

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