Iran has launched a rocket. Tensions in relations with the West are growing

France condemns the launch of the rocket by Iran, in violation of the UN Security Council resolution, and will also hamper ongoing talks on reactivating the West’s 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran, the French Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

Iran announced on Thursday that it launched a launch rocket with research devices, but it is not known whether they reached orbit around the Earth. “The missile test” is all the more regrettable as some progress has recently been made in the talks on the nuclear deal in Vienna, “said the French diplomacy.

Iran’s Defense Ministry spokesman Ahmad Hosseini said on Thursday that the Simorgh (Phoenix) rocket had raised research devices to an altitude of 470 km. He did not explain what devices were involved, and it is also unclear whether the attempt to place the payload in orbit was successful.

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Iran has launched a Simorgh rocket

The eighth round of negotiations on the West’s nuclear deal with Tehran took place this week, and will resume after the New Year.

The United States estimates that Iran’s launching satellite technology could be a “cover” for a program to develop ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. Tehran has consistently denied that its efforts to launch a satellite provided a cover for long-range missile development and said it never pursued the development of nuclear weapons.


Iran launched rocket Tensions relations West growing

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