New infection record. Over 144 thousand new cases

New infection record. Over 144 thousand new cases
New infection record. Over 144 thousand new cases

Almost 127,000 infections were recorded on Thursday. These numbers have been growing rapidly in recent days. Most cases are in Lombardy; over 41 thousand.

11.7 percent of the tests were positive; this ratio is stable.

More than 150 more places were taken in hospitals. There are 1,260 patients with Covid-19 in intensive care, and more than 11,000 in other departments.

Health Minister Roberto Speranza said that serious consideration should be given to introducing a mandatory enhanced Covid-19 pass in all workplaces, issued only on the basis of vaccination or cure. Covid passports based on testing would thus be excluded. According to the media, the Italian government will make a decision on this matter in early January.

New restrictions in Italy

The Italian government decided on Wednesday to lift the quarantine for vaccinated people who came into contact with the infected. He also made a decision that you would not be able to board buses, subways and other transport unless you were vaccinated against Covid-19 or had passed the disease.

The decree adopted by the Council of Ministers extended the use of an enhanced sanitary pass, issued only on the basis of vaccination or recovery from Covid-19.

From January 10, it will be required in hotels and guesthouses, at events organized after civil and religious celebrations, at fairs, congresses, ski lifts and slopes, at swimming pools, in sports facilities, in cultural institutions and in all means of transport, including local ones.

The decree also stipulates that people who have been in close contact with an infected coronavirus, but who have been vaccinated, after the third dose or have recovered in the last four months, will be released from preventive quarantine.

Such persons are required to wear FFP2 masks until the tenth day after the last contact with the infected person and perform the test five days after such contact with the infected person.

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