More than a dozen thousand migrants made their way from Belarus to Germany

More than a dozen thousand migrants made their way from Belarus to Germany
More than a dozen thousand migrants made their way from Belarus to Germany

The German police announcement indicated that in the period from January to July 2021 it registered only 26 people who had illegally entered Germany via Belarus. In August alone, there were already 474 such cases.

“Since August 2021, the federal police on the Polish-German border has been exposed to high migratory pressure, which results in particular from the migration situation related to the transit of migrants through Belarus and the Republic of Poland” – it was reported.

September saw a further increase in the number of illegal migrants to 2049 and in October to 5294. The high numbers also continued in November, with 2,848 cases of unauthorized entry.

“The German-Polish border is an internal Schengen border that can be crossed at any time and in any place. The federal police conducts intensified search activities below the threshold of border controls in the border area. Activities are closely coordinated with the Polish border guard. Cooperation of the Polish border guard with the federal police she is very good and full of trust, “we read in a statement published on the website of the German Federal Police.

A restless night at the border

The Border Guard informed that on the last night of 2021, 44 people tried to illegally cross the Polish-Belarusian border. Near Leipzig, a group of 20 foreigners approached the border line, and a concertina was damaged in the section guarded by officers from the Border Guard post in Narewka.

Throughout 2021, attempts were made to cross the Polish-Belarusian border 39.7 thousand. times. In December alone, approximately 1,700 such attempts were made.

In November, there were 8.9 thousand. attempts to cross the border illegally, 17.5 thousand in October, 7.7 thousand in September, and 3.5 thousand in August.

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