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Roman Giertych asks anyone who suspects that their phones may have been hacked by the Pegasus system to contact us. He offers help in contacting Citizen Lab, which has detected that his phone has been attacked by this spyware. “I feel obliged to do everything possible to detect the scale of this practice” – claims the attorney.

Attorney Roman Giertych, former deputy prime minister and minister of education in the PiS-LPR-Samoobrona government, in his latest post on Facebook, addressed all people who suspect that they could be under surveillance using the Pegasus system. “I encourage you to check all your iPhone cameras,” he appealed.

“I especially address deputies, senators, journalists, politically active lawyers, prosecutors, judges, chancellors, social activists (especially those opposing PiS). Also to those people within PiS who were some kind of internal opposition” – he wrote on his Giertych profile.

The attorney explains that his appeal, unfortunately, only applies to owners of Apple phones, because “there are no procedures for checking Android”.

Giertych encourages you to contact his office

“The first check can be done in a simple procedure that takes about an hour. Sometimes the procedure for finding the dates of infection takes a little longer after finding an infection. The procedure is free and is carried out by the Citizen Lab, part of the University of Toronto. Citizen Lab is sponsored by our ally from NATO – Canada. The data provided as part of the procedure is used only for the purpose of this procedure and you can obtain a written guarantee from Citizen Lab researchers “- writes the patron.


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