Taiwan. President Caj warned China against “military riskiness”

– We must remind the authorities in Beijing not to make a mistake in assessing the situation and to prevent the internal spread of “military riskiness” (…). The use of the military is definitely not a solution to disputes in the Taiwan Strait. Military conflicts would undermine economic stability, said Caj Ing-wen in a speech broadcast live on Facebook.

Caj noted that the Taiwanese authorities will continue to monitor the situation in Hong Kong, where – according to her – Chinese interference in the recent parliamentary elections, the closure of the pro-democratic Stand News portal and the arrests of journalists have made “people even more worried about human rights and freedom of expression. in Hong Kong “.

After Caj’s speech Zhu Fenglian, spokeswoman for the Chinese government office for Taiwan, assured that Beijing “is willing to seek the prospect of peaceful reunification” with Taiwan. “But if the separatist forces striving for Taiwan’s independence continue to provoke and force, or even cross the red line, we will have to take decisive measures,” she added.

The pursuit of independence will only push Taiwan into a “deep abyss” and lead to a “deep catastrophe” Zhu added.

The authorities in Beijing recognize Taiwan as an integral part of the PRC and seek to take control of it, without ruling out the possibility of using military force for this purpose. In the last two years China has significantly stepped up military operations around the island and international pressure to isolate it diplomatically.

Democratically elected the government in Taipei recognizes Taiwan as an independent state and has repeatedly announced its defense of freedomii democracy on the island. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), on the other hand, views “complete unification of the homeland” as a necessary condition for achieving the “great revival of the Chinese people”, a vision advocated by PRC leader Xi Jinping.

Within a year and a half, the communist government of the PRC cracked down on the resilient democratic movement in Hong Kongby imposing their own rules on the city. There are voices that this was just a step in a larger strategy, the next target of which could be Taiwan or the South China Sea.

Beijing has imposed state security regulations on Hong Kong that allow it to accuse opponents of vaguely defined “subversive activity” and “collusion with foreign forces”. They made Hong Kong more like mainland China, where similar laws have been used for years to suppress opposition and punish dissidents.

Officials assured that the new law will only apply to a handful of “separatists” and “agents of foreign forces”, but in fact have completely transformed the city. The curriculum was reworked to promote “patriotism”, publications inconvenient for the authorities were removed from libraries, and the largest pro-democratic journal was forced to close.

There are concerns about that if the Hong Kong action was planned, the next step may be to resolve the “Taiwanese issue”, that is, taking control of a democratically ruled island which itself recognizes itself as a separate state.
A Beijing hard-headed researcher, Tian Feilong, said in an interview with Deutsche Welle that the crackdown on the Hong Kong opposition could be a model for solving the “Taiwanese question”. – I believe in the future you can simply rename Hong Kong’s State Security Law to Taiwan’s State Security Law Tian said.

The Chinese authorities are officially seeking “peaceful reunification” with Taiwanbut most of the islanders are not interested in it. However, Beijing has never ruled out the possibility of an armed invasion, and in recent years it has significantly intensified its military operations around the island. There were voices that within a few years it could, for the first time in history, achieve the ability to take over Taiwan by armed forces.

In the recently adopted a resolution of the Communist Party of China (CCP) on the official interpretation of history it was underlined that “resolving the Taiwan question and achieving full reunification of China” is a prerequisite for the “great revival of the Chinese people”, promoted by the leader of the PRC, Xi Jinping.

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