Germany, Austria, New Years Eve. Two fatalities starting fireworks and firecrackers

Two people died in Germany and Austria on New Year’s Eve while setting off fireworks and firecrackers, mostly homemade. More than a dozen people were injured.

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Both in Germany and in Austria it was forbidden to sell fireworks before New Year’s Eve, incl. in order not to additionally burden emergency services and hospitals with patients with injuries. “Even so, you could hear firecrackers and see fireworks; many of them probably came from illegal sources, ”informs the RND portal.

Two deaths are known of starting fireworks, possibly of their own production. In Hennef near Bonn, a fatal accident occurred during a home New Year’s Eve party for 10 people. Two men suffered: the 37-year-old was killed, while the 39-year-old went to the clinic with serious, life-threatening injuries.

A 23-year-old Austrian from Klausen-Leopoldsdorf died as a result of a ball bomb explosion. Three people with him were injured. In Berlin, 12 people were hospitalized after a firework explosion. According to the fire brigade, the youngest of these people is an 11-year-old boy. Also in Berlin, five victims of firecrackers with burns and hand injuries were taken to the surgical ward, and two people were seriously injured as a result of the explosion of pyrotechnics.

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No big parties

In Germany, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the New Year was only welcomed at home parties. A maximum of 10 people could participate in them. Big events, such as the traditional New Year’s Eve in front of Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, have been canceled, as have the accompanying firework displays.

“Nevertheless, several thousand people gathered near the Brandenburg Gate at midnight,” reported police spokesman Thilo Cablitz. Many people also gathered, without keeping the appropriate distance, on the Unter den Linden boulevard in the German capital. “The officers asked people to leave and the crowd gradually dispersed,” describes the RND portal.

In Stuttgart, clashes broke out between partygoers and the police around midnight in the city’s central square. “Some aggressive partygoers threw firecrackers at officers. Police said they had used sticks and pepper spray. One policeman was stunned with a firecracker, two others were slightly injured, ”reports RND.

New Year’s Eve “quieter than usual”

Generally, the New Year’s Eve in Germany passed quietly. “Here and there were a few firecrackers, there was a small brawl. However, as for New Year’s Eve, there were few such cases, ”said a police spokesman in Hamburg.

The beginning of 2022 in Leipzig’s Connewitz district was “quieter than usual”, according to security services. Two years ago, there were serious riots there. This time there were also clashes, the police were forced to use reinforced forces when about 300-500 people blocked the street. Around At 2 am, the situation was under control, no one was injured.

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