Africa is the most advanced continent in the fight against the pandemic

“My personal hero this year is Professor Tulio de Oliveira. Along with his team from South Africa, Tulio de Oliveira characterized two of the 5 options of concern: Beta and Omicron. And it alerted the entire world community early on to these variants, allowing a much wider window of opportunity than we had, for example, with regard to the Wuhan variant or even the Alfa variant. In fact, the way they identified Beta inspired the work of the British in characterizing Alpha “, Marius Geantă explained on Facebook.

The doctor claims that Africa has been unnecessarily “punished” by the rest of the world.

“South Africa, on the other hand, has been punished by the community: many countries in Europe and America have suspended flights to and from South Africa and other African states, a measure that has proved epidemiologically unnecessary, but has and caused economic and medical damage to African states that had done their job at the highest scientific level “, added Geantă.

The Romanian specialist concludes that Africa has become the most advanced continent in the fight against the SARS CoV-2 virus.

“This is what genomic surveillance of SARS-CoV-2, coupled with the valorization of clinical data, has given maximum value to next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics analysis, in order to alert early and inform both health decisions. publishes, as well as clinical decisions, from the hospital. From this point of view, we are not wrong in saying that Africa, not another, is the most advanced continent in the fight against the pandemic, using disruptive innovation to its full potential. We, the rest, have more to learn how to do it “, is the conclusion of the Romanian doctor.

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Africa advanced continent fight pandemic

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