Solemn Vespers in the Vatican. The Pope surprised the audience

We should thank God for the feeling of “joint and several responsibility” during a pandemic – Pope Francis said in his homily during Vespers in the Vatican on the occasion of the end of the year. It was not presided over by the Pope, but by the dean of the College of Cardinals, Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re.

At the beginning of vespers, to the surprise of the faithful and the journalists watching them, Francis did not stand at the altar in St. Peter’s Basilica, but sat down in an armchair nearby. He later went to the pulpit to give the homily.


The time of the pandemic caused the feeling of being lost all over the world. After the initial phase of reaction, in which we felt solidarity on the same boat, the temptation to ‘Save yourself who can’ spread.


But thank God we reacted again with a sense of responsibility. We really can and should say: thank God, because the choice of joint and several responsibility does not come from the world; comes from God, from Jesus Christ, who imprinted once and for all in our history the course of his original vocation, that they may all be sisters and brothers, children of one Father – added.

Francis said that Rome has this calling in its heart. Roberto Gualtieri, the new mayor of the Eternal City, listened to him.

In Rome, everyone feels like brothers; in a way, everyone feels at home, because the city has a universal openness to it. It comes from his history, his culture, it comes mainly from the Gospel of Christ, which has put down deep roots here, fertilized by the blood of martyrs the Pope said.

But in his opinion, “you do not recognize a welcoming and fraternal city by its facade, beautiful speeches and sublime events”.

Francis noted that this can be recognized by the daily attention given to those who struggle with problems, feel the burden of the crisis, people with disabilities and their families, those who need public transport every day, live in the suburbs, need social assistance. “

The Pope noted: Rome is “a wonderful city that never ceases to be delightful, but for those who live in it it is also a tiresome city, unfortunately not always worthy for its citizens and visitors, a city that it sometimes rejects.”

Therefore, I wish that everyone, both those who live in it and those who come for business, pilgrimage or tourism purposes, will be able to appreciate this place more and more for its care for hospitality, for the dignity of life, for a common home, for the weakest. and the most vulnerable
– he said.

The Pope spoke of gratitude of the Churchwho “feels close to God, feels that God has not abandoned his people.”

The problems have not gone away, there is no shortage of difficulties and worries, but we are not alone: The Father sent his Son to redeem us from slavery to sin and restore us to the dignity of children – he pointed out during vespers, during which thanksgiving “Te Deum” was sung.

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