Since 2022, Irish has become the official working language of the European Union

The Irish language was included in the European Union’s 2007 treaties, but only since this year has it been promoted to the status of an official working language in Brussels, according to Agerpres, according to dpa.

Until now, an exception was applied which did not allow EU documents to be translated into Irish.

Irish Minister of State for Europe Thomas Byrne said the change gave hope for a possible revival of the Irish language.

Full EU official language status would be a huge advantage for Irish, dpa said.

The Irish Times commented on Friday that the new situation was the culmination of years of efforts to accumulate language skills in Irish in Brussels. The number of speakers of this language in the EU institutions has risen from 58 five years ago to 170 today and will exceed 200 this year, the publication said.

The cost of the larger volume of translations and interpretations at meetings is covered by the EU budget, to which Ireland is a net contributor. According to the European Commission, which employs 2,000 translators, the total cost for the 24 official languages ​​of the Union is EUR 349 ​​million per year, or about 0.2% of the total budget.

Irish is one of the three current Celtic languages, along with Scottish and the Isle of Man, and has the constitutional status of “first official language” in the Republic of Ireland.

There are currently about 1.6 million Irish speakers, of which an estimated 70,000 use the language daily. most live in the west of Ireland, in the regions officially called Gaeltacht.

photo source: Pexels / Ireland


Irish official working language European Union

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