There was an explosion in a condominium in Belgium

There was an explosion in a condominium in Belgium
There was an explosion in a condominium in Belgium

A condominium in Turnhout, Begium, has partially collapsed. According to local police sources, the collapse of the building was probably caused by a gas explosion, authorities have begun searching for people trapped under the rubble, and the number of missing people is uncertain.

A huge explosion shook one of the condominiums in Turnhout, Belgium, today, in the early morning hours.

The building partially collapsed, according to local authorities, there was a gas explosion

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Ruins of apartments destroyed in an explosion in a collapsed residential building in Turnhout, Belgium on 31 December 2021.MTI / AP / Olivier MatthysSource: MTI / AP / Olivier Matthys

Initially, eight people were registered as missing, but the city’s mayor, Paul Van Miert, said many of them were working or not in the building at the time of the explosion.

It is currently uncertain how many people were in the residential building when the morning explosion occurred, authorities continued to search the potential survivors with extreme caution on Friday afternoon as the condition of the half-collapsed building is critical.

The building is extremely unstable, but it is important to continue the rescue as soon as possible and find those who may still be under the rubble. said the mayor of Turnhout.


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