Thus begins the new year, the fresh weather forecast has arrived

Thus begins the new year, the fresh weather forecast has arrived
Thus begins the new year, the fresh weather forecast has arrived

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The weather in the northern part of Europe is shaped by a multi-centered cyclone and its fronts, with significant rainfall also reported from the British Isles and southern Norway. In addition, a low-pressure system is swirling south of Greece, with precipitation amounts of 50-120 mm in the southern Greek islands, Cyprus and southern Turkey.

Meanwhile, an anticyclone can also be observed over the western basin of the Mediterranean and Central Europe, in these areas the weather is usually sunny, rainless, several degrees shorter than the many-year average.

Until Saturday evening, the weather in the Carpathian Basin is also shaped by light air masses, but at night a weak cold front passes over us, so windier weather is likely on the first day of the year, the MTI quotes the National Meteorological Service (OMSZ) forecast.

This is how the new year begins at home

The sky will be mostly clear or at least slightly cloudy until Friday evening, but the weather in the northeastern counties will still be cloudy and humid. At night, the clouds may temporarily increase everywhere, and in some places there may be light rain to the east of the Danube. In addition to the northeastern counties, fog may form in the southwest, but the latter will dissipate rapidly from dawn onwards.

On Saturday, the extent of clouds and fog will also decrease in the north-east, but in a part of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county the sky may remain cloudy all day, and there may still be drizzle and light rain. Elsewhere, light to medium clouds are likely to receive more or less sunshine. From the early dawn, the north-westerly wind intensifies in a large area in a north-west-southeast zone, and in some places becomes more stormy, but the air movement in and around South-Western Transdanubia and Szabolcs remains weak or moderate.

The lowest night temperature is usually between 0 and +8 degrees, but the weather rises at dawn. The highest daytime temperatures are likely to be between 11 and 16 degrees on Saturday and between 5 and 10 degrees in the north-east.

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