“Antibodies in the blood are different from those in the respiratory system!”

In a video post, virus expert Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi says that vaccines administered in the muscle will never protect the body against respiratory viruses. The spike protein produced by cells outside the lungs as a result of the administration of the vaccine will lead to a fight with the other cells.

“The new virus and its mutations are said to outweigh the effects of the vaccine. That, of course, is one of the dumbest things anyone in the world could ever say. It is true that the immune system fights all viruses by two mechanisms: The first mechanism is antibodies that prevent the virus from binding to the cell, which is the minor mechanism that plays only a very small role in life and evolution. The second most important mechanism is the mechanism of lymphocytes, which will look for and kill the cells in which the virus has entered, whether it is in the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, or in the body, in the organs. It doesn’t matter. Lymphocytes are the ones that destroy those cells that produce the virus, “he said.

“What people don’t know is that the antibodies that are sent to try to prevent the virus from entering the cells of the body are of two kinds: some are antibodies in the blood, which prevent the viruses from reaching the target cells in the organs, in the organs. and the second type are antibodies that are on the surfaces of those areas that come in contact with the air, or are exposed to the gastrointestinal tract.The virus can enter through the nose or mouth.These two parts of the immune system operate almost entirely independently that the antibodies that are created by those lymphocytes that are responsible for the internal organs will not reach the surfaces of the gastrointestinal tract or the respiratory tract. They will not reach, “says the expert.

“The bottom line is that all these vaccines that are being distributed to billions of people on the planet are doomed to failure, because these vaccines will never cause or stimulate the production of antibodies that are propelled into the respiratory system to prevent those viruses from entering. In the cells of the respiratory tract, so none of these vaccines can work. You inject it into the muscles and it will ever protect you from respiratory tract infections. Point. That’s it, “says Bhakadi.

“What we do know is that especially young people with a well-developed immune system with good muscle drainage have a higher risk of their immune system attacking the cells that dare to express this viral protein outside. The vaccine bypasses the normal, infectious human infectious pathway of the disease If you insert that gene into your muscles, it will bypass the lungs, enter cells that have never been meant to express this viral protein, these cells will be attacked, destroyed Thousands of young people are suffering from myocarditis, which is nothing more than an attack by the immune system on the heart cells that have dared to express this viral gene (spike protein). vessels, any blood vessels, these cells will be attacked, they will be killed and you will have clots. “, explains the professor. “What is happening now was very easy to predict, it’s basic information in medical textbooks.”


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