France. More than EUR 853 million was raised for the reconstruction of Notre Dame

Reconstruction of the exterior of the cathedral in accordance with the original: the roof and the Viollet-le-Duc spire are carried out by a public institution responsible for the maintenance and restoration of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris. In turn, the Diocese of Paris is responsible for the reconstruction of the interior of the cathedral.

In the first case, craftsmen and architects use materials that are as close as possible to those used by the cathedral builders. According to the original, the spire that collapsed from the roof of the cathedral during the fire on April 15, 2019 is also to be rebuilt.

The diocese is responsible for the reconstruction of the interior of the temple, which on December 9 presented its project to the National Heritage and Architecture Commission (CNPA). However, the public did not know the visualization of the project. The diocese also refuses to comment on the media. Leaks to the press show that the commission did not agree to install benches on wheels in the cathedral, and recommended that the statues of saints should be left in their permanent places.

The daily “Le Figaro” wrote about the fact that the statues are to change their original place, commenting: “What the fire spared, the diocese wants to destroy“.

– After the resignation of the Archbishop of Paris, the Diocese of Paris is in crisis. Even in the diocese’s press office there have been changes, specialists have left and no one is trying to counter the image crisis after the publication of the British newspaper Telegraph, which describes the diocese project as ‘politically correct Disneyland’ and ‘experimental lounge’ said the person involved in the reconstruction of the cathedral asking for anonymity.

“The interior design prepared for months by the diocese of Paris was made quietly” – says journalist Matteo Ghisalberti, who deals with the reconstruction of Notre Dame in Paris – “Considering the fact that the foundation collecting donations for the reconstruction of the cathedral took such a large amount, the decision not to disclose to the public the visualization of the interior reconstruction project seems incomprehensible” – added.

Meanwhile, a foundation raising funds for the reconstruction of Notre Dame called for an additional 4.7 million euros to reconstruct the interior of the cathedral. – The diocese is entirely responsible for this project and is not covered by public support – the foundation recalled in a press release.

Renovation is to be around EUR 6 million tabernacle, altar, baptistery, pulpit, pews, chapels, lighting and sound equipment, restoration of the reliquary with a crown of thorns and development of the prayer space associated with it, and finally complete renovation of the treasury.

The treasury of Notre-Dame contains, among others goldsmith elements, tunic of St. Louis and chasubles used for centuries for great celebrations, as well as Napoleon’s coronation candlesticks.

According to Didier Rykner, historian and founder of La Tribune de l’art, French clergy feel the need to be modern, but are actually outdated. The church has 2000 years of history, we can finally change something, but not contrary to what was before. The legacy has been saved, we must not want to throw it into the trash, because we want to do it differently“- summed up Rykner.

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