Here is the new dramatic data about the epidemic

To date, 288,173,131 people worldwide have been infected with the coronavirus epidemic, and the death toll is 5,436,175, according to Saturday morning data from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore Central European Time. The day before, there were 286,523,281 infected people in the world, with 5,429,324 deaths.

The omicron variant is spreading rapidly (photo:

The infection is present in 192 countries and regions. Experts say the number of cases diagnosed does not accurately reflect reality, as the number of tests is more or less limited in each country, and the criteria for registration also vary.

According to official data, Covid-19 caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus has the highest number of infections in the United States, at 54,743,982. The death toll is 825,536. In India, 34,838,804 infections and 481,080 deaths have been reported. There are 22,291,839 infected and 619,334 fatalities in Brazil.

In the UK, there are 13,011,556 people infected and 149,096 people have died from the disease. In Russia, the number of confirmed infections rose to 10,320,405 and the number of fatalities rose to 302,671. In France, 10,077,783 people were infected and 124,729 were killed.

In Turkey, 9,484,520 people have been registered so far, according to official figures, 82,361. In Germany, there are 7,193,186 people infected and 112,111 dead. In Spain, 6,294,745 infections and 89,405 deaths were registered.

In Iran, there are 6,194,401 people infected and 131,606 dead. There are 6,125,683 infected people in Italy and 137,402 fatalities. There are 4,108,215 infected people and 97,054 deaths in Poland. In Ukraine, 3,847,226 people have been registered and, according to official figures, 102,088 people have died from coronavirus complications.


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