The Denver serial killer may have announced his murders in advance in his books

The Denver serial killer may have announced his murders in advance in his books
The Denver serial killer may have announced his murders in advance in his books

In his series of science-fiction novels, the American serial killer, who killed five people in Colorado on Monday before being shot by police, also announced his murders in advance and named some of his victims.

We are aware of books written by the suspect under a pseudonym that are part of the investigationA Denver police spokesman confirmed on Thursday about the press reports.

The shooter, identified by police as Lyndon McLeoad, published a sci-fi trilogy under the pseudonym Roman McClay between 2018 and 2020, entitled Sanction. Photos from her social media pages show the brown-haired man wore a long beard and tattoos.

According to a comment on the author’s website, the trilogy is about a politician-billionaire who wants to genetically transcribe the DNA of criminals like serial killers or violent people.

According to U.S. media, in the first volume, a man named Lyndon MacLeoad kills a character named Michael Swinyard at a Denver property. Authorities confirmed that one of the victims bore that name and was killed at the address mentioned in the book.

In another volume, the author writes about the killing of a woman named Alicia Cardenas; his name is also the same as that of one of the victims of the shooter. In addition, the name of the suspect appears on documents related to the purchase of a business premises by the victim.

A review on the website of an author named Roman McClay states that the plot of the novels “it mixes real people and events with imaginary things to blur the line between what exists and what is possible”.

He ended up with the innocent in Denver, the death toll rose

The shooting started in a tattoo parlor.

The 47-year-old shooter first opened fire at a Denver tattoo parlor, killing a tattoo girl and owner, Alicia Gardena. He then fatally wounded Michael Swinyard, then killed a man in another tattoo parlor in a Denver suburb of Lakewood, and finally a receptionist at a hotel.

The amok runner was shot by a policewoman who was injured in the firefight.

Police said the next day that the suspect had presumably selected his victims, some of whom had a personal or professional relationship.

The receptionist could not be tied to the serial killer, but the perpetrator, as reported, had something to do with the hotel. There have already been several police investigations against Lyndon McLeod in 2020 and 2021, but no charges have been filed.


Denver serial killer announced murders advance books

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