Teenager is unrecognizable after application of henna to eyebrow goes wrong; Look

A 14-year-old British teenager woke up with a disfigured and unrecognizable face after having an allergic reaction to the application of henna that would have been applied to her eyebrow.

The swelling was so frightening that the girl’s mother decided to refer her to the emergency room on Christmas Eve for treatment.

In an interview with the local press, the girl’s mother said that, in addition to the eyebrow, the daughter would also have dyed her eyelashes to enhance them and the allergy caused could have even blinded her.

The teenager was even discharged from hospital before Christmas, but had to return because of new complications: swelling in her throat, blisters and shedding of facial hair.

“It was a horrible experience. I was screaming in pain,” recalled the young woman.

In light of this, the mother has used all the mechanisms to guide other parents, regarding the use of this type of product, without first testing them.

“I could have lost my daughter. I never thought that this kind of thing could happen”, confesses the mother.

“We’re lucky she’s alive and doesn’t lose her sight,” he mused.


Teenager unrecognizable application henna eyebrow wrong

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