Putin: In 2021, Russia defended its interests “firmly”

Putin: In 2021, Russia defended its interests “firmly”
Putin: In 2021, Russia defended its interests “firmly”

“We have strongly and consistently defended our national interests, the security of the country and its citizens,” Putin said.

This year, Russia has taken serious action against organizations and individuals criticizing Putin; the campaign began with the imprisonment of his loudest critic, Alexei Navaln, in February.

In addition, tensions between Russia and the West have reached new heights.

On Thursday, Putin and US President Joe Biden discussed growing tensions over Ukraine over the phone.

The Kremlin host, which has been in power since 1999, has also expressed support for Russians who have lost loved ones to COVID-19. His country is one of the worst affected by the pandemic in the world.

“The insidious disease has claimed tens of thousands of lives,” Putin said.

“I want to express my sincere support to all those who have lost relatives, relatives, friends,” he added.

Russia’s state statistics agency said on Thursday that more than 71,000 people died from coronavirus in the country in November. people, mainly within one month of the pandemic.

Putin also told Russians that Moscow’s “main goal” for the future was to “improve people’s well-being and quality of life.”

His speech was first broadcast just before midnight on the Far Eastern Kamchatka Peninsula (2 pm Lithuanian time) and was also published by Russian news agencies.

Russia celebrates the New Year in 11 time zones, from Kamchatka to the western exclave of Kaliningrad.


Putin Russia defended interests firmly

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