The mowed Bully 2 would have been very detailed

The mowed Bully 2 would have been very detailed
The mowed Bully 2 would have been very detailed

Rumors have recently been revived that a new Bully game is being made. Exactly what this is is difficult to determine. Some sources say Bully 2 is a remake or remaster of the original game. However, it has long been known that a good few years ago, Bully 2 was actually made at Rockstar New England (formerly Mad Doc).

Game Informer recently spoke to several former employees about this mowed project, saying the game in progress would have been as big as GTA: Vice City and would have operated under a complex relationship system. That is, the actions of the protagonist, Jimmy, were noted by the NPCs and reacted to it – a system we saw in part in Red Dead Redemption 2 in action.

As a result, new relationships would have opened up new opportunities, while negative actions would have blocked certain paths for us. The development team also wanted to get access to every building in the playground and all the rooms there. They designed a detailed model of glass breakage, a changing environment over time (for example, the grass would have grown) and a movement system for Jimmy that would have allowed him to climb trees and rooftops, but could even hang out of windows.

There was also a supposedly playable version of Bully 2 already. Jimmy was free to move around, interact with various objects, and some side missions were ready. However, several years of development were ahead of it. Eventually, Rockstar shot the project in favor of the GTAs and the then-paying Max Payne 3.


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