Game premieres – what new games will we play in January 2022

Game premieres – what new games will we play in January 2022
Game premieres – what new games will we play in January 2022

January 1, 2022, 11:30 am

The new year brings new game possibilities! The best proof of this is January, which promises to be really solid. Especially for people playing on tin plates, where titles previously exclusive for consoles will debut. So there will be something to choose from!

We are starting the year 2022 with quite a bang! Sure, you can shake your nose at the lack of real news, after all, some wildly announced games have been available for a long time on consoles. Nevertheless, non-gamers on the PC will find something for themselves in January, so it is not really appropriate to complain. Especially it is just the beginning, and future months should be even better.

Monster Hunter: Rise PC

Release date: January 12, 2022


Type: RPG

Platform: PC

Approximate price: ok. 220 z (PC)

Hunting monsters, part one

Monster Hunter is the acclaimed series of great monster hunting simulators. Recently, it is also available on PC and its latest version will also be available on this platform in January. Monster Hunter: Rise it will be tweaked, with mouse and keyboard support, a well-matched interface, and better graphics. In the end, while the game on the Switch looks great, you had to tweak the textures to make it look equally good on much larger monitors.

Big beasts in Japanese version

Monster Hunter: Rise takes us to less tropical but more oriental regions. This time we will be half the creatures straight from Japanese mythology. Anyway, the whole game draws from the folklore of the Land of Rising Sun, and the feline companion will be supported by a canine companion. The gameplay will also become more mobile thanks to the new wirebug mechanics, and the whole thing will be complemented by special attacks and the ability to mount monsters and temporarily control them. The core of the fun will remain unchanged, however, the point is to hunt for unusual beasts and make better and better equipment from them.

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Our expectations

Three years ago about the series Monster Hunter All I knew was there was; then I got it for my birthday World and I became her fan. Over three hundred hours of killing monsters did not bore me half as much as graduation AC: Valhalli along with the DLC. When Rise was announced on Switch, for a moment I even considered buying a Nintendo console. Ultimately, he knows about the delayed release of the game on the PC dissuades me from acquiring a switch. In the meantime, I calmly finished IceborneaI passed Wings of Ruin and check available on Steam demo MHR-a. Thanks to that I know what I’m going to do in January and in February I will kill monsters (yes, I know what that sounds like). And then Elden Ring. And!


Hubert hexx0 ledziewski

Monster Hunter: Rise on the Switch he got me completely. I went through the game twice, testing different weapons each time. I can’t wait, and the best (in my opinion!) Part of the series is PC-based. Then fire Monhun at 60 frames per second and much better resolution. In addition, count on a special deal on the occasion of the premiere on the tin. There is never too much to eat monsters and collections!


Mikoaj mikos aszkiewicz

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