Two more famous works inspired the Elden Ring; the director betrayed!

Two more famous works inspired the Elden Ring; the director betrayed!
Two more famous works inspired the Elden Ring; the director betrayed!

Miyazaki Hidetaka even explained the character of Godfrey from the next Elden Ring game.

We’ve already looked at it from an interview with Miyazaki in issue 367 of EDGE magazine, but WCCFTech has provided more details on the thoughts of the head of FromSoftware (as well as the director of Elden Ring). He said it was hard to name just one inspiration for the Elden Ring because several works had an impact on the game. One is The Lord of the Rings and the other is The Eternal Champion Series from Michael Moorcock, translated into Hungarian as the Eternal Champion Trilogy (possibly the Erekosë Trilogy). But several desktop RPGs (like RuneQuest) have also affected the game. There are many themes and motifs, the director added.

He also covered the creative processes with George RR Martin in the interview. According to him, the myth he created serves as a constant source of inspiration, and it is thanks to this that he was able to move away from the Souls series to the greatest extent, as he was able to create something new. Several people from the studio traveled with him to the writer’s city to meet him, and despite the age difference, he sees Miyazaki Martin as an old friend and is happy to work with such a person who is passionate about fantasy worlds. The writer only worked on the background story because FromSoftware said he would have limited Martin’s creative potential if he had worked directly on the story or the text of the Elden Ring. Among his topics, the relationships between the characters (e.g., parent-child) were the most common.

The interview also covered Godfrey (who became the cover of EDGE on the one hand and our news story on the other). Miyazaki talked about it in detail: when they talked to Martin, there were themes and ideas for artwork elements related to the bosses and the main characters in the story. That’s when he wrote the background story. FromSoftware asked him to create dramatic heroes for old myths before the events of the game. These weren’t present in previous plays at the Japanese studio, and that caught Miyazaki’s attention as well, wondering how Martin would portray the mystique and heroism of the characters. Godfrey is the result of this, he is a major character. In the Elden Ring, one of the motivations for a player’s character is to be the Elden Lord and that’s why he gets to The Lands Between.

In the heyday of the Golden Order of The Lands Between, there were two Lords, one of whom was Godfrey. She was the first to marry Marika, the Eternal Queen. The studio has told us a lot about it so far. Godfrey represented grandeur, positivity in this era, but he himself is losing his luster. He has a deep relationship with our protagonist (Lost, Tarnished). Godfrey represents in many ways what the character of the player is and symbolizes a deep connection with the player: someone who used to be shiny but lost it and plunged into the deep.

The Elden Ring will arrive on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 25th.

Source: WCCFTech


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