Kojima’s new project will blur the boundaries between the media

Kojima’s new project will blur the boundaries between the media
Kojima’s new project will blur the boundaries between the media

Back in November, we reported that Kojima Hideo referred to her new project in a mysterious Twitter post. At the time, there was a suspicion that the Japanese master could not actually make a video game, but a movie. Also in November, we wrote that Kojima’s company had opened a new division in the City of Angels, with the primary goal of transferring the studio’s video games to other pop culture media.

Now, Japan’s Famitsu has asked major Japanese creators in the video game industry to give a brief status report as they prepare for 2022. Gematsu’s translation reveals that the creator of Death Stranding cherishes a project that blurs the boundaries between media:

“It’s going to be a big title with a new challenge. As the barriers to entertainment disappear in the near future, we want to get one step closer to trying out different media and modes of expression. ” – states in Kojima’s progress report.

We’ve talked several times about the Japanese director’s fondness for movies, and he’s shown that in his video games as well. Kojima’s new video game may even be much more interactive, more cinematic, but as mentioned above, the creator of Metal Gear may not be working on a video game, but a film. We hope to learn more about the project this year.

Furthermore, we cannot go without saying a word about the situation of the other creators. For example, Shin Megami’s Tensei V producer Shinjirou Takada, who released this year, said Atlus’s new game coming out this year is expected to become the “cornerstone” of the studio. Monster Hunter Rise producer Ryozo Tsujimoto has revealed that he is slowly embarking on the Monster Hunter anniversary projects as the franchise turns 20 in its 2024th birthday. Koei Tecmo developer Akihiro Suzuki has explained that he is preparing the ground for the development of further Dynasty Warriors episodes in 2022, and Tomoya Asano, representing Square Enix, has confirmed that in addition to Triangle Strategy, other games are under development and the tactical RPG will be released on March 4th.

You can read all the situation reports of the Japanese creators in Japanese here for practice, and you can find the English translations here.

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