Steam reveals the best of 2021

As 2021 comes to an end and the gaming world prepares to enter 2022, many of the gaming industry’s biggest markets have started to release their best sellers of the year 2021 lists. Nintendo dominated the best sellers list of Amazon, winning 19 of the 20 best places for the mass market and many more lists will certainly arrive in the coming days, as companies close their year.

THE Steam recently joined the year-end celebrations with its best on the sales list with a wide variety of categories celebrating the best and brightest of the year. The platform saw a plethora of highly anticipated titles come to the site throughout 2021, with Halo Infinite finally being released towards the end of the year and Resident Evil Village coming as a continuation of the highly successful Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


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In addition, Steam users have seen many big titles come out throughout the year, as well as games like Skul e GTFO gaining huge popularity after his successful stints on the show Early Access of the marketplace. And let’s not forget the site’s gifts throughout the year to its users. Now, Steam has released its best sellers of the year, honoring games old and new.

Steam’s Best Sellers of 2021

Steam’s bestseller list divides its games into six different categories, with games receiving honors for being the best sellers of the year, a category for the most played games of the platform, and honoring the games that formed in its early access program. Each category is divided into four different levels, from the highest level of sales in the Platinum until the Bronze. The Bestseller list is dominated by many of the game’s biggest stars, with names like Dead by Daylight, New World e Destiny 2, among others at the Platinum level.

the category of New releases is dominated by many unsurprising faces, with games like New World e Back 4 Blood topping the Platinum category after its highly publicized releases earlier this year. Grand Theft Auto 5 it also continued to show no signs of aging this year, with the game still dominating the Steam charts nearly seven years after the popular open-world shooter hit the platform.

Steam made waves in the gaming community earlier this year when the huge market officially announced the Steam Deck, a portable device similar to the Nintendo Switch that would give players access to Steam’s massive library of games on the go. Although the device has suffered several delays throughout the year, the designer of the Valve, Greg Coomer, reported earlier this month that the console was due for release in February.

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