Didn’t update Teams on Android? Google alerts for urgency

Didn’t update Teams on Android? Google alerts for urgency
Didn’t update Teams on Android? Google alerts for urgency

This android issue is not new and has been properly evaluated and even resolved. A flaw in Teams is preventing you from getting a telephone to 112 and other emergency numbers, which can be dangerous for users.

The solution found requires updating Teams. Now, and for those who haven’t updated, Google is sending a message with the alert.


A Known Android Issue

This is a well-known situation that started a few weeks ago. A user reported on Reddit that his Android smartphone was unable to make calls to 911 (112) for no apparent reason and at the worst possible time.

Google's investigation into this Android issue turned out to be the source of the issue, which is Teams. The temporary solution appeared quickly and led to the necessary update of this Microsoft app, so that everything could be normalized.

Google warns of urgent need to update Teams

Now, and after some time, Google

Android users for this problem. It focuses on those who have not yet updated Teams on their smartphone and who need to do it urgently, to correct the flaw.

Google's message is clear and describes the problem to users. It also alerts to the need to correct the problem, which can be done simply and quickly, with the normal Teams update, using the Play Store.

It becomes impossible to call emergency numbers

This is not a problem that is limited to Teams and that's why Google is preparing an update for Android itself. Initially it was thought that the flaw would only affect Android 10 and later versions, but now it is known that it is version 8 and later after all.

As Google reveals, it is urgent that Android users do this Teams update, to get rid of this problem. Remember that it will only be detected at the worst moment, when the user needs to call 112, which he won't be able to do.


Didnt update Teams Android Google alerts urgency

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