TikTok is the most downloaded application of 2021

Almost everyone now has a smartphone. And no wonder mobile devices make our life much easier. In addition to calling and receiving messages, smartphones have long been supporting a number of useful functions. They gain thanks to the installed programs. Apptopia has created an annual list showing the most popular smartphone applications.

No one should be surprised by the fact that TikTok is the leader in the classification of the most downloaded applications. The social networking platform is often referred to as “teenagers’ favorite app”. There is a lot of truth in this, as the vast majority of users of the social platform are teenagers and young adults. However, the application has grown so much that there are more and more recordings from various fields, so now everyone can find something for themselves. In June 2021 alone, the application was downloaded over 65 million times and unofficially it is estimated that it has over a billion users.

This year TikTok has proven to be the most downloaded application. It has been installed 656 million times worldwide. Although the result is impressive, it is worth noting that this is a significant decrease compared to the previous statement. In 2020, the app was also a leader in the ranking and has been downloaded over 850 million times.

This time he was in second place Instagram (545 million downloads). He remained invariably on the third Facebook (416 million downloads), and was right behind the podium WhatsApp (395 million downloads). The second, third and fourth place apps belong to the same company Meta (formerly Facebook). The top five are closed this year Telegram (329 million downloads).

It was ranked first in the list of the most downloaded games Subway Surfers. The game about a graffiti artist chased by a security guard and his dog has been installed 191 million times. He was in second place Roblox. It is a mobile version of an educational web game, created in 2006. The idea behind this venture is that it is the users who shape the entertainment themselves. The developers have provided players with a tool for creating items and scenery. Roblox has been downloaded 182 million times.

The game was last on the podium Bridge Racealthough I have no idea what a miracle. The game is about collecting blocks of the correct color and building a bridge from them. In the game, we compete with other avatars controlled by the application’s algorithms. The gameplay is interrupted by advertisements every now and then, and the game itself cuts probably on every possible device. The app has been downloaded 169 million times.

This year, there is a lack of this in the ranking PUBG. Previously, the game came fourth with a score of 175 million. This does not mean that this time there was no battle royale production on the list. The game took fourth place this year Garena Free Fire with a very similar gameplay to the previously mentioned PUBG. Production was downloaded 154 million times.

Surely you know this game in which you run an astronaut around a spaceship, complete tasks and try to figure out who killed your comrades. Yes, Among Us it hasn’t died at all and is still doing great, though not as well as last year. The app suffered a sharp decline, but still managed to stay in the top five with 152 million downloads. Last year, the game was the leader of the ranking with a score of over 100 million better.

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