Phenomenal view of the galaxy NGC 3568 from the Hubble Space Telescope

NGC 3568 located 57 million light-years from Earth, it is a barred spiral galaxy. They are common in the Universe, but this particular one can pride itself on having something that currently does not have. We are talking about a supernova. The light from it reached our planet in 2014, but only now we can see it from a slightly different, spectacular perspective.

A galaxy photographed by Hubble Space Telescope was discovered in April 1835 by the famous astronomer John Herschel. Scientists chose it not accidentally. It is one of the most beautiful barred galaxies. About 60 percent of all galaxies are thought to be spiral galaxies, and two-thirds of them appear blocked, including ours Milky Way.

NASA scientists explain that a study of more than 2,000 spiral galaxies revealed that barred types were seen in this part of the universe 7 billion years ago much less frequently compared to the number we see today. This suggests that they may be older stage in the galaxy’s life cycle.

In 2021, the Hubble Space Telescope suffered from disasters that prevented astronomers from observing. However, all failures have been removed, so the iconic instrument can still regal us beautiful images of various objectswhich are in the abyss of space.

In a few months, the newest will join the observation James Webb Space Telescope. Astronomers are looking forward to this moment. Thanks to it, we will be able to observe galaxies and stellar nurseries in which stars are born in previously unavailable details. We will also look for planets similar to Earth, and perhaps in their atmospheres we will discover some indications of the existence of biological life there.



Phenomenal view galaxy NGC Hubble Space Telescope

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