Fradi’s goalkeeper complained of this coronavirus symptom

Dénes Dibusz spent more time in quarantine than expected.

Dénes Dibusz spent more time in quarantine than expected.

At Sunday’s race against Fehérvár (17.30, M4 Sport) you can defend again at home after a month. Dibusz Dénes, the goalkeeper of Ferencváros. The player missed weeks due to a coronavirus, but when he got rid of the quarantine, he returned to Kisvárda with excellent performance, and then he replaced Péter Gulácsi in the national team. Fortunately, the disease does not appear in its form at all.

I didn’t lean on the bed, I didn’t feel sick, I just lost my sense of smell.

Nevertheless, I was careful, as I always have to be afraid of complications. Luckily, my two-year-old son was here with me, I raised him, which was also good for training, the goalkeeper told Bors.

Dénes Dénes © National Sport

Dibusz most regrets not being able to defend for the team in the Europa League group match against Celtic. His third test was negative.

The ten-day quarantine expired on Saturday, October 30, but then the test was still positive. Also on Monday and only on Wednesday my finding was negative, it was too late before the match on Thursday, we didn’t risk coming back

– formulated by the player, who now has every nerve thread for one of the runners of autumn, is preparing for the match against White Castle. The team is now five points ahead of the rival, with a victory well off the claimant.

It can already be stated that this year, in addition to Fehérvár, the Puskás Academy and Kisvárda are our big rivals in the fight for the championship title. Most of the team has only just returned from the national teams, but we are motivated and committed. We wouldn’t shake White Castle once and for all with a win, but the eight-point advantage might be more significant.

Said Dibus.


Fradis goalkeeper complained coronavirus symptom

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