Derapaj Romania TV, with Negru’s picture

Romania TV and a belly like the beginning of the year: “The death of a beloved TV presenter. Mourning in the press”, was the headline on the news station. At the same time, on the screen were the photo of George Simion, but also of the TV director Dan Negru.

Burtiera was just one of many that were on the screen, at noon, on România TV. Some with Dan Negru: “Dan Negru – New Year’s Eve Romania TV was the best“(the TV producer wrote that” This year the best performing cost-result New Year’s Eve was probably Romania TV, as the most expensive was ProTv “)

Burtiera TV did not detail which presenter it was. It’s just that on another belly, that “He died where he wanted to live in his old age“.

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Author: Petrişor Obae


Derapaj Romania Negrus picture

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