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In a statement, Zero claims to be “satisfied with Portugal’s position on nuclear power in the European Union”, but adds that “with regard to natural gas, silence has prevailed”.

“The public position of Portugal on the classification of natural gas as deserving green labeling at European level is not known”, he reinforces.

The association’s statement follows the disclosure of the European Commission’s project on the so-called “taxonomy”, with which it intends to promote the transition to climate neutrality in 2050.

“The European Commission’s plans released in recent days to include nuclear energy and (fossil) natural gas are disastrous,” he says.

In his view, “investments in nuclear energy and natural gas are not compatible with the trajectory of climate neutrality in the European Union and cannot be considered sustainable investments or those contributing to European climate goals”.

“Zero supports” the position that Portugal took at the recent European Council “reinforcing the refusal of nuclear energy as a green and safe solution” and recalls that the country signed on November 11 a declaration with Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and Denmark to exclude nuclear energy from European funding.

However, the association continues, “Portugal has a set of investments still planned with regard to the natural gas network, which were under public discussion a few months ago in the scope of the Indicative Decennial Plan for the Development and Investment of the National Transport Network, Infrastructures and LNG Storage and Terminals (RNTIAT) for the period 2022 to 2031 (PDIRG 2021)”.

Greenpeace also considered today that the European Commission’s proposal to consider certain investments in nuclear energy and natural gas as sustainable is “a real threat to Europe’s energy transition”.

“Promoting these toxic and expensive forms of energy over the next few decades is a real threat to Europe’s energy transition,” says Greenpeace’s European section program director, Magda Stoczkiewicz, quoted in a statement.

Last Friday, the community executive presented to the countries of the European Union (EU) and the experts of the Sustainable Finance Platform the project of its proposal on the so-called “taxonomy”, with which it intends to promote the transition to climate neutrality in 2050 .

Brussels proposes that investments in nuclear power plants with a permit to build before 2045 should be considered sustainable, provided that there are plans for the management of radioactive waste and the decommissioning of the plants.

It also proposes, for example, that investments in natural gas installations with licenses granted until 2030 receive a ‘green seal’ if they emit less than 270 grams of Co2 (carbon dioxide)/kWh (kilowatt/hour).

The non-governmental organization (NGO) WWF also expressed on Saturday, in a statement, its “concern” with the proposal and with the fact that the Commission has set January 12 as the deadline for the countries of the Union and the experts of the Platform of Sustainable Financing to pronounce on a measure that it describes as “complex and controversial”.

Brussels, which says its plan is a “robust and transparent tool, based on science”, wants to approve the delegated act in January, after having analyzed the comments presented.

The text must then receive the approval of the Council of the EU, the community institution that represents the member countries, and the European Parliament.

Until now, taxonomy has divided European governments, with France leading the group of countries that want nuclear energy to be considered sustainable and Germany opposing and advocating that investments in natural gas receive the ‘seal’ green’.

Spain, on the other hand, is opposed to investments in either of the two disputed sources being classified as sustainable investments.

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