SP: Woman dies after being trapped under a car during a flood

SP: Woman dies after being trapped under a car during a flood
SP: Woman dies after being trapped under a car during a flood

A 59-year-old woman died on Friday (31) after being dragged under a car during a storm that lasted approximately one hour in Campina, in the interior of São Paulo. According to witnesses, the victim Denise Gabiatti came down from the building where he lives to try to remove the car that was being washed away. The information is from Uol.

However, she ended up being knocked over by the current and got trapped under the car. People passing by the place tried to help Denise. In a video posted on social media, it is possible to see a group trying to lift the vehicle to rescue the victim.

After being removed, Denise was taken by the Fire Department to the Mário Gatti Municipal Hospital, but she did not resist. The woman was buried on Saturday (1st) in the Flamboyant Cemetery, in Campinas.

Local residents interviewed by Uol claim that the accident site always floods and that this is not the first time that there have been victims due to the problem.

In a statement, the city of Campinas informed that the Infrastructure Secretariat is working on the elaboration of an intervention project in the hydrographic microbasins of the Ribeirão Anhumas (river where the Princesa d’Oeste avenue is built) and the Córrego Serafim microbasin (at the intersection of the avenues Orosimbo Maia and José de Souza Campos, continuation of the section).

“The studies should propose a series of urban drainage works, including swimming pools, widening and deepening of the water channels, with the objective of obtaining a better and more efficient control of rainwater in times of ebb. cost and with a long period for its execution”, says the administration”, says the note sent to Uol.

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