With cancer, Rita Lee appears beside her husband in a photo

With cancer, Rita Lee appears beside her husband in a photo
With cancer, Rita Lee appears beside her husband in a photo

Rita Lee alongside Roberto de Carvalho during his 74th birthday, celebrated on December 31, 2021

Photo: Instagram/@roberto_de_carvalho / Estadão

Or Rita Lee’s husband, Roberto de Carvalho, used Instagram to publish a tribute to the singer’s 74th birthday, celebrated on December 31, and share a recent image alongside her beloved.

In the photo, published on the first day of 2022, the singer appears on the night of the turn wearing a hat and her usual colored glasses in front of a strawberry pie with two candles indicating the reached age. In May 2021, after check-up exams, Rita Lee discovered a tumor in her left lung and, since then, she has been undergoing immunotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

“What a difficult year, my love! What an ordeal! My heart broke in many moments, and soon afterwards I was dazzled by all your demonstrations of courage, willpower and endurance. May after all the torment we are faced with a a time of peace, harmony and great health”, wrote Roberto in the tribute posted on the 31st.

Then he concluded: “All the best I can wish for you, you deserve a million times more. I love you, I admire you, I adore you. We are together yesterday, now and forever.”

This year, the singer-songwriter became the subject of an exhibition at MIS-SP, curated by João Lee, which had been planned and negotiated since 2018. The show takes a colorful and sonorous journey through the artist’s trajectory. The event will be open to the public until February 20th (tickets here).

Check out her husband’s publications in honor of Rita Lee’s birthday below:


cancer Rita Lee appears husband photo

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