Politically, PiS will get stronger

Politically, PiS will get stronger
Politically, PiS will get stronger

The Deputy Speaker of the Senate was asked by the portal wPolityce.pl about his political forecasts for Poland for 2022.

Karczewski: PiS will get stronger

Karczewski stressed that, as a born optimist, he expected the situation to improve. “The next holidays will finally be normal, we will be able to deal with the pandemic, and this is the most important thing,” he said. In his opinion, the condition is that as many people as possible get vaccinated against COVID.

In Karczewski’s opinion, PiS may not only maintain, but even increase its advantage over the opposition in the number of MPs. – I think PiS will get stronger, we will have an even greater majority – he announced.

“He will use obstruction”

– When it comes to economic matters, I think the anti-inflationary shield will be effective. As for the eastern border, we must have surprised the West with our consistency and effectiveness, and this situation will calm down. The great unknown, however, is what Putin will do. There is a danger of aggression against Ukraine here, and I would describe it as the greatest threat for next year, assessed Karczewski.

As for the Senate, the politician expects that Marshal Grodzki will not allow the motion to waive his immunity to be voted on. “He will continue to obey, there will be no vote to waive his immunity,” he said.

The case of Grodzki

Let us recall that the prosecutor’s office wants to charge the Speaker of the Senate with corruption-related charges. Tomasz Grodzki was supposed to accept bribes while he was working in one of Szczecin’s hospitals.

In the investigation concerning the acceptance of bribes by a PO politician, the prosecutor’s office heard 200 witnesses and 14 corruption-related events were identified. 4 of them have not expired.

In mid-October, Deputy Speaker of the Senate Bogdan Borusewicz, citing formal flaws in the prosecution’s motion, decided that the motion to withdraw Tomasz Grodzki’s immunity would not be put to a vote.

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