The White House extends the life of the International Space Station

The White House extends the life of the International Space Station
The White House extends the life of the International Space Station

American Space Agency announced that the White House has decided to secure financing for the operation of the space home until 2030. Previously, it was said to be ISS deorbitation in the waters of the Pacific Ocean in 2026 or 2028. The Joe Biden administration is committed to continuing to collaborate in space with allies.

International Space Station it has been orbiting our heads for 20 years. Increasingly, astronauts detect dangerous module failures. Although most of them are concerned Russian part of the space houseHowever, all modules must be operational, so that the facility can normally accommodate new crews, and the space agencies ensure their full safety.

The White House will allocate another huge billions of dollars to the maintenance of the ISS, but now there will be an increased emphasis on providing private companies with space for the possibility of performing various experiments. Thanks to this, NASA will not only contribute to the business, but will only partially reimburse its service, and will allocate the profits to the construction of a new facility.

The agency announced that in 2030, a space house most of it will burn up in the atmosphere. Larger elements, however, will fall into the waters of the Pacific Ocean and rest in a place known as the space installations graveyard. This is where all kinds of space vehicles end their lives, including two small Chinese stations.

Interestingly, in the meantime, our planet is about to be built orbiting new space station. NASA announced that it is to be ready by 2030, but its first elements are to be launched into orbit in 2028. Construction will not take long.

The Amazon founder with his company Blue Origin has plans to build such facilities for tourists as well Axiom Space and Lockheed Martin. Coming back to NASA, this new American space station is to be built of inflatable modules in the construction of which, for example, Sierra Space specializes.

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