Surprise from 3D Realms in February; possible RIPOUT crossover with Ion Fury

Surprise from 3D Realms in February; possible RIPOUT crossover with Ion Fury
Surprise from 3D Realms in February; possible RIPOUT crossover with Ion Fury

January 2, 2022, 12:30 pm

3D Realms posted a mysterious video on Twitter, heralding an imminent announcement ?? new project. On the recording we can see, among others gameplay from the recently announced RIPOUT game and the retro shooter Ion Fury released in 2019.

  • 3D Realms posted a cryptic video on Twitter.
  • We see the game from the recently announced game RIPOUT from the Pet Project Games studio.
  • The player walks up to three slot machines ?? one of them is running a shooter released in 2019 Ion Fury.
  • The video ends with an announcement? a new project in February.

Fani retro, study 3D Realms opens the new year with “kicks and bubble gums”. But looking at the band’s last post on

, is the second one to him ?? as usual ?? it’s over. The cryptic video included in it heralds an important announcement that will be given to us in February.

What?? cool ?? coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

In the recording we can see RIPOUT ?? an interestingly promising independent co-op horror FPS game. We will have to fight our way through wrecks of procedurally generated spaceships, which have been taken over by mutants that can ?? on the run ?? reconfigure one’s own physiology and thus adapt to a changing situation. The player will come into possession of the gifted ?? knowledge being in the form of a biotechnological ?? living ?? guns. This one will be able to transmute into a shotgun, machine gun or ?? What?? resembling ?? a headcrab launcher (enemies from the Half-Life universe).

?? RIPOUT on Steam

The whole design is reminiscent of the slightly forgotten one Preya from 2006 year, for which 3D Realms studio was responsible (the production was completed by the now defunct Human Head Studios). Interestingly, the similarities do not end there. The above recording focuses on three gaming machines; we could find them more than once in the aforementioned title. The ones in the above video are engraved with the word “ZOMBIE”.

On one of them, a production resembling the 2019 game Ion Fury, published by 3D Realms, is launched. In the lower right corner of the screen of the described machine, there is a model of the weapon resembling the Disperser shotgun from the same game. Additionally, at the bottom of the machine there is an inscription “Bonus stage ?? (from “Bonus Stage”).

The video ends with “upcoming announcement”, followed by “February 2022”. What can we expect then? It’s probably about what? a form of cooperation between the Pet Project Games studio (responsible for RIPOUT) a 3D Realms. It is possible that the latter entity will serve as the publisher RIPOUT.

On the other hand, the appearance in the above teaser Ion Fury can herald an announcement ?? sequel to this game, an extra level or ?? her appearance as a mini-game in RIPOUT. Well, we’ll find out soon. Exact release date RIPOUT at the moment it has not been announced, but the production should debut before the end of this year ?? only on PCs.

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