A Romanian family found their home occupied when they returned to Italy. What solutions do the authorities propose against “house thieves”

The Romanians settled in Camastra (Agrigento) found on their return from Romania, where they spent Christmas, the social housing abusively occupied, writes Rotalianul, the magazine of Romanians in Italy. They tried to reach an amicable settlement with the new tenants, but failed, so they filed a complaint against the new occupants.

However, the steps are long, and the carabinieri are not able to help the victims in a short time, so the Romanians, who have a 4-year-old child, are currently staying with friends. The couple had recently renovated their home, and the Romanians’ property, including documents, now remained in the possession of the new occupants.

In Italy, the quoted source also writes, one can already speak of a phenomenon of “house thieves”, more such cases being covered in various TV shows. The recovery of the houses is not done immediately, so the Italian authorities have thought of intervening with financial support for the owners who have suffered so much, until they regain possession.

To this end, it has been proposed to set up a € 10 million solidarity fund, available this year, but for the initiative promoted as an amendment approved by the Finance Budget Commission to become operational, it is necessary for the Ministry of Interior, in agreement with the Justice and Economy, to elaborate the implementation norms within 60 days from the entry into force of the Budget Law, Rotalian also writes.

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