Disability and parenthood. The stories of these families refute harmful myths

Disability and parenthood. The stories of these families refute harmful myths
Disability and parenthood. The stories of these families refute harmful myths

– Often these are stereotypes that a person with a disability will not be able to raise a child or that a woman with a movement disability cannot give birth, or that people with disabilities do not have such a need at all. What do they need a baby for? Why do they need a partner if they have a disability and need to be looked after. These are the myths and stereotypes we try to fight. With these happy stories we want to show that it is possible for a person with a disability to be a fully happy person – Luisine Duryan from the Avalon Foundation, coordinator of the Sexon project, tells Onet.

Three years ago, the Avalon Foundation began to work actively in the area of ​​changing the awareness of intimate life and parenthood of people with disabilities. As part of the Sexon project, the organization conducted extensive social research on sexuality and parenthood of OzN, launched the educational platformsexon.pl, which creates the Availability Map, i.e. a nationwide search engine for offices tailored to the needs of people with disabilities and specialists who have experience in working with OzN . An expert team operates on the project, in which people with disabilities and specialists look for solutions to the most pressing needs of people with disabilities. The Sexon conference is also organized once a year, i.e. a meeting during which the subject of sexuality and parenthood of OzN is widely discussed.

On December 24, the social campaign “Skills in love” was launched. Through another campaign, the Avalon Foundation wants to change the social perception of people with motor disabilities – this time in terms of building relationships, intimate relationships and starting a family. Viewers all over Poland will see TV spots, creations on external media, on the Internet and hear radio commercials with the participation of three people with physical disabilities and their relatives. We invite you to join our activities. More information on the website pelnarańniwmilosci.pl

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Disability parenthood stories families refute harmful myths

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