7 migrants from Belarus tried to enter Lithuania in prohibited places

7 migrants from Belarus tried to enter Lithuania in prohibited places
7 migrants from Belarus tried to enter Lithuania in prohibited places

From Friday midnight to Saturday, the SBGS refused access to 7 migrants from Belarus to Lithuania, the SBGS announces on Saturday.

On Thursday, border guards did not record any cases of foreigners attempting to cross the border in such places. 18 illegal migrants were returned on Wednesday, 14 on Tuesday, 4 on Monday, 8 on Sunday and 14 on Saturday.

There were no foreigners admitted to Lithuania on humanitarian grounds on Friday.

On Friday, the officers of the Kalvarija border guard of the Varėna border team of the SBGS in the municipality of Kalvarija, on the road Marijampolė – Suvalkai, stopped the shuttle bus departing from Lithuania Riga – Prague for inspection. There were about 300 meters left from here to the border with Poland.

Border guards checked passengers’ documents. Among them were 7 men who presented Italian passports, residence permits in the country and a French passport. SBGS officials found that the documents were completely forged and that one residence permit in Italy and a French passport were allegedly issued to persons other than the foreigners who had them.

Soon the border guards found out that these 7 men were suspected Iraqi citizens seeking asylum in Latvia. They also had certificates from the Aliens Registration Center in Latvia. According to preliminary data, the Iraqis left Latvia illegally before the processing of their applications was completed.

Calvary border guards disembarked the migrants from a bus that continued on a set route. A pre-trial investigation has been initiated in the Varėna border team of the SBGS due to forgery of a document or disposal of a forged document. Aliens locked in custody.

Since the beginning of August, when SBGS officials acquired the right not to admit migrants from Belarus, 8106 have not entered Lithuania (midnight Friday-Saturday data).

Lithuanian border guards and soldiers assisting them professionally during the migrant crisis lost their service weapons at the border last day. Border control on the Lithuanian side is still under intensified regime.

For the third week in a row, the number of attempts to cross the border from Belarus has increased in Latvia. On Friday, Latvian border guards turned 85 migrants.


migrants Belarus enter Lithuania prohibited places

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