For those for whom “New Year’s Eve of Dreams” is not enough. Marcin Wolski’s Nativity Scene

Marcin Wolski, apart from the fact that he is the creator of this year’s Nativity Scene, will also be the narrator in it. The performer of the nativity scenes will be the bard of the Free Speech Zone, Paweł Piekarczyk. Mariusz Świerżewski is responsible for the production of the show in cooperation with Julia Wolska-Świerżewska.

– For many years, “Political Szopki” appeared on the radio and television, enjoying great popularity among the public, currently their only patron is Gazeta Polska – admits Marcin Wolski.

– Despite the modest technical means and the ongoing pandemic, we propose, via YouTube and the website, “A crib in the basement”, addressing it primarily for those who are not satisfied with “New Year’s Eve of Dreams”

– adds the author of the nativity scene.

In an interview with the website, Paweł Piekarczyk, the performer of the songs in the nativity scene, admitted that the lyrics of the songs illustrate what happened in Poland and around the world during the past year. This year’s nativity scene will be a reference to the joint artistic activity of Wolski and Piekarczyk.

– In the past, we played a lot with Marcin Wolski, we traveled around Poland, we had our own joint performances. It is a bit of a return to this tradition, very nice and very cool. At a time when there is greater freedom in the media, greater pluralism and greater media and production opportunities – it is good to continue such cooperation from the past

said the bard.

The premiere of the New Year’s Nativity Scene on the website Niepodległości on Saturday, January 1 at 4 p.m.



Years Eve Dreams Marcin Wolskis Nativity Scene

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