Avoid the police who let pedestrians pass. She got 10 points and 1500 from the mandate

Avoid the police who let pedestrians pass. She got 10 points and 1500 from the mandate
Avoid the police who let pedestrians pass. She got 10 points and 1500 from the mandate

In Warsaw, the car driver received a PLN 1,500 fine and 10 penalty points. The woman missed a vehicle that was letting a pedestrian at the crosswalk. The car that was missed turned out to be a marked police car – RMF24 reports.

In accordance with the regulations in force from today, the amount of the fine for violations threatening pedestrians may not exceed PLN 3,000.

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The 2022 mandate tariff – what changes await drivers?

In the fall of 2021, the Sejm adopted an amendment to the Act – Road Traffic Law and certain other acts. The changes in the regulations are to facilitate the fight against dangerous behavior of drivers on the roads. Have been tightened, among others penalties for perpetrators of road crimes and offenses.

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What will change from December 2021? How will the fines increase?

On January 1, 2022, changes take effect, hitting drivers who do not comply with the rules:

For exceeding the speed by more than 30 km / h – from the new year, drivers will pay PLN 800. Currently, a fine for this offense is awarded in the amount of PLN 200-300.

If the driver commits the same offense twice within two years – he will have to pay twice as much – i.e. PLN 1,600.

  • For covering the perpetrators of speeding – you will face a fine of up to 8,000. PLN for the owner of the vehicle.
  • For causing a collision – in 2022, the fine will be issued up to PLN 1,500.
  • For causing a collision under the influence of alcohol – the fine will increase by one thousand zlotys – up to 2,500 zlotys.
  • For overtaking at the ban – the fine will be PLN 1,000.
  • For driving a motor vehicle without qualifications – the driver will pay PLN 1,500.
  • For entering the railway barrier while leaving the barrier – then the fine will be PLN 2,000.

From January 1, drivers will also be punished for misconduct towards pedestrians:

The fine for passing or overtaking a vehicle at a pedestrian crossing that stopped to let a pedestrian pass will amount to at least PLN 1,500;

A PLN 1,500 fine will be paid by a driver who rode on the pavement or along a pedestrian crossing.

For committing the above-mentioned offenses twice in two years, the fine will be twice as high.


Avoid police pedestrians pass points mandate

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