The first victim of a fireworks in Kaunas is an enraged man

The first victim of a fireworks in Kaunas is an enraged man
The first victim of a fireworks in Kaunas is an enraged man

Although it was decided to cancel the fireworks in Kaunas in the afternoon of the last day of the year, the residents who bought the pyrotechnics fired thousands of volcanoes of various capacities into the sky. Some of the shots were very unfortunate – they hit people.

According to Virginija Barankevičienė, a senior doctor of the Kaunas City Ambulance Station, the first victim of pyrotechnics had to hurry to the fireworks before the start of the fireworks display.

22.50 p.m. medics received a report of a man injured in a fireworks display on Industrial Avenue.

“It simply came to our notice then. The eyes have been injured, but fortunately, I think that tragic consequences will be avoided, ”said V. Barankevičienė.

Ten minutes after midnight, a report was received of a man affected by a fireworks display in Karmėlava. Due to the wound caused by the firecracker, the medics had to hurry to the resident of Domeikava.

There was no shortage of fireworks in Kaunas Town Hall Square, where a separate territory was fenced off for fireworks brought by the residents. At midnight, it turned into a real artillery zone, smearing the sky with ornaments and flooding the square with pungent smoke.

“It simply came to our notice then. But everything will be until morning, ”a policeman on duty in the Town Hall Square predicted a few minutes after midnight.


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