Liviu Dragnea, New Year’s Eve photo. “It’s all that matters”

Liviu Dragnea, New Year’s Eve photo. “It’s all that matters”
Liviu Dragnea, New Year’s Eve photo. “It’s all that matters”

“The year 2021 was a year with many trials for each of us, both for me and for my children. It was a year that made me stronger and taught me, more than ever, that family is all that really matters in life. I love my country as much as I love my children and, on the last night of the year, I worship with my son a glass in honor of all Romanians. Happy 2022! May God give us health and give us hope for a better future! ” Liviu Dragnea, former leader of PSD, wrote on Facebook, where he added an image (SEE PHOTO here too):

The post has over 4,600 comments, over 420 shares, as well as 14,000 likes.

After his release from prison, Liviu Dragnea announced that he supports a new party: the Alliance for the Fatherland. “The main objective of this party is the well-being of Romanians and is driven by economic patriotism. It is not a nationalist party, it is not a xenophobic party, it is not a radical, anti-European or anti-Atlantic party, on the contrary, ”said the former PSD leader.

“Liviu Dragnea is a good organizer, over Ponta or Tariceanu. So is Codrin Stefanescu. From this point of view, taking into account the organizational capacity, the new party, the Alliance for the Fatherland, can quickly build in the territory. It will be difficult, however, to attract political leaders, big names who, in turn, will give weight to the party. Those from PSD will not risk leaving, they will not go into the unknown, when there is a 99% chance to reach the government, without much effort, due to the mistakes of the current Power. Those on the right cannot come to Dragnea, after the demonization campaign they relied on to come to power. On the other hand, it is not clear at this time what the new party will propose. Liviu Dragnea insisted more on what he will not do, he has not yet launched affirmative policies, nor has he positioned himself very clearly in relation to the other parties on the political scene. As a political scientist, I believe that positioning yourself as a nationalist party, as opposed to AUR, would be more productive for APP. ” said sociologist Alfred Bulai. Read more here

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