A well-known doctor estimates that the pandemic situation in Romania will improve in the spring

Globally, the most optimistic hypothesis is that the Omicron variant will not cause many casualties, even if it will quickly infect the entire population. This could provide the collective immunity that would lead to a decrease in the number of viral particles in circulation and thus determine the end of the pandemic, says the Romanian doctor.

The most pessimistic hypothesis is that many deaths of COVID 19 will be recorded in the coming months because many people will be infected with the Omicron variant, says Laura Ghibu Ventimiglia.

There is also an intermediate hypothesis: the more viral particles circulating in the community, the more likely the virus will be to create more mutations that could cause other worrying viral variants, which in turn will prolong the pandemic.

Doctor Laura Ghibu Ventimiglia also made a scenario of the evolution of the pandemic in Romania.

The probable scenario in Romania in 2022 in the context of the pandemic would be the following: due to delays in taking measures to prevent the spread of the virus and the implementation of the green certificate as a way to access the workplace, we will have a massive increase in COVID already since January. Relaxation during the winter holidays and the reopening of schools on January 3 will also contribute to this. “, explained Laura Ghibu Ventimiglia.

The specialist believes that in order to avoid a worsening of the situation, it is necessary to take a period between the winter holidays and the reopening of schools with less human interaction, so that the number of infections increases more slowly and the health system can cope. Otherwise, the pandemic will again cause significant damage, and the situation will improve in about five months.

“When it is decided to adopt the green certificate and move to online school, it will be too late to be able to control the pandemic effectively and the number of deaths will increase significantly, much more than in previous waves. The medical staff will be overworked and people suffering from other diseases besides COVID will be extremely negatively affected by the situation created. We will see an improvement in the pandemic situation only from April to May, with the warming of the weather “, said doctor Laura Ghibu Ventimiglia.

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wellknown doctor estimates pandemic situation Romania improve spring

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