The winner of the grand prize of one million lei has been established / What other prizes have been won

The Romanian Lottery awarded, on Friday evening, the final prizes of the Vaccination Lottery, respectively the grand prize of one million lei, a prize of 500,000 lei, a prize of 300,000 lei, a prize of 100,000 lei and 80 prizes of 10,000 each lei, reports.

The last draws for the Vaccination Lottery, namely the fourteenth weekly draw, the third monthly draw, the draws for the prize of 500,000 lei and the prize of 1,000,000 lei took place on Friday night.

The draws were broadcast by TVR.

The 80 prizes of 10,000 lei each will be awarded to persons whose order numbers range from 3,418,618 to 3,418,697 inclusive.

The monthly prize, worth 300,000 lei, was won by the number 3,151,259, the prize of 500,000 was won by the number 1819676, and the grand prize was worth one million lei, by the person with the serial number 1235704.

The fourteenth weekly draw was attended by the serial numbers between 3,367,676 and 3,419,257, corresponding to the participants who registered, according to the Regulations, until Friday, December 31, at 12:00.

The third monthly draw was attended by serial numbers ranging from 3,061,028 to 3,419,257.

All the serial numbers allocated for the Vaccination Lottery, respectively the serial numbers from the range 1 – 3,419,257, participated in the drawing for the prize of 1,000,000 lei.

Photo source: Pixabay

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