Bosnian talent playing in the MVP caliber season in Spain has found its place under the sun / News

Bosnian talent playing in the MVP caliber season in Spain has found its place under the sun / News
Bosnian talent playing in the MVP caliber season in Spain has found its place under the sun / News

Janan Musai is only 22, but he has already made his debut in the Euroleague at the age of 16, and later won the laurels of the best young player in the European Cup. The future of a talented young man has turned towards the NBA.

Lugo Breogan / Schedule

2018 The 29th Newcomer Call (Brooklyn Nets) has fulfilled its dream of making its debut in the strongest league on the planet. The transatlantic phase did not last, but in 2021. Bosnian became Euroleague champion with Anadolu Efes.

Such a glistening career path shows that the guy was born to be a star. At 11, he shook 63 points in a match in Sarajevo. Like most children his age, Musa was slender and very talented. The special character made it possible to fulfill the potential.

This summer, Musa has unexpectedly moved to Lugo’s Breogan, which is competing in the Spanish ACB League. Basketball is loved in this city and Pete Mickael and Charlie Bell are often remembered playing there.

After four months of ACB fighting, Musa is racing for the league’s MVP trophy. He leads the championship in terms of average points (18.9 points) and utility (20.8 points each). Bosnia and Herzegovina’s talent is currently competing against players such as Boyan Dublin and Nikola Mirotich, and Breogan remains in the fight for the King’s Cup quarter-finals.

Breogan (8-6) is ranked 6th in the standings and has won 3 of the last 4 matches. Musa scored 26 points for Andorra’s Morabanc, 33 for Valencia and 25 for Fuenlabrad’s Urbas.

In the last two matches, Musa scored 44 and 39 utility points, respectively. This is a historic indicator of the Spanish championship. For the last time, the usefulness of 39 or more points was recorded twice in a row by Tanoka Beard, who is well known to Žalgiris fans. represented Joventut in Badalona.

Such performances have attracted the attention of European greats. There have been recent signs that Milan’s Olimpia is closely following the Bosnian situation. Nevertheless, the athlete’s agent Miško Raznatovičius does not think that his client will move to another team.

“There is no need to look for a better contract now. He plays his best basketball and can’t hide his smile about what’s going on. Only a miracle would force him to change the team this season, “Raznatovičius said to N1.

Musa himself has a fantastic effort at goal Paco Olmos.

“He’s an incredible coach,” Musa told El Progreso. – He called me a season ago and said I would have a lot of freedom and confidence. I enjoyed this project and I came. I can talk to the coach about many other things that are not related to basketball. ”

Musa lives in the same building as teammate Rashid Mahalbasic, spends time with a friend at heart, loves Netflix and can’t resist the traditional Galician dish of eight.

On the pitch, Musa again looks like the guy who drove the rival youth in Bosnia to despair. For the player who bloomed in the brightest colors, he is only 22, so the story has not been written yet.

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